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The social welfare system prioritizes the needs of you and your family. Flexible working hours, vacation opportunities and protection of employee rights help you to balance your work life.

Working and living in Germany enriches your social life. The country's social advantages can provide you and your family with a better quality of life. You and your family can benefit from a wide range of social benefits and social security systems such as health insurance, pension plans and unemployment insurance. This means that you can, for example, benefit from health care and plan for your future in good hands. The social welfare system focuses on the needs of workers and their families. Factors such as the regulation of working hours, vacation opportunities and the protection of workers' rights help you to balance your working life. This means that you and your children can spend more time together.

  • According to the Statistisches Bundesamt (Federal Statistical Office), the average working hours for 2021 are 40.5 hours per week for a full-time employee. 
  • Overtime is paid or deducted from your working hours.
  • Annual leave: by law, there is a lower limit to the number of days off. If you work six days a week you are entitled to at least 24 days annual leave, if you work five days a week you are entitled to at least 20 working days. If you have negotiated with your employer before you start work, you may be entitled to more, but not less. 
  • Employee rights: In Germany, employee rights are supported by an effective system and union membership, and problems are often resolved in the workplace without the need for action.

Germany is an ideal environment for the well-being of your children. The education system offers the best opportunities for children, supporting their academic and social development. Quality schools, a variety of learning opportunities and activities enable your children to discover their talents and develop their interests. Germany's diverse cultural events (e.g. Christmas festivals, Oktoberfest, Halloween, etc.) and social activities make it easy for you and your family to develop a social network. You have the opportunity to meet new people, experience different cultures and make international contacts. Germany is known for its family-friendly policies. Facilities such as kindergartens, pre-school education programs and a variety of family support offer children of working parents a healthy growing environment. At the same time, it gives parents the opportunity to balance work and family life. Working and living in Germany allows you to take part in a social community and build a solid foundation for your children. It is an important step towards meeting your and your family's needs, strengthening your social ties and leading a happy life. Remember, working and living in Germany gives you and your family a better social future. It allows you to have strong social ties by balancing your work and family life. Make the most of these advantages and take a bold step towards a social life in Germany.

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