Chancenkarte 2.0

İmmigration is facilitated

The new regulations will come into force gradually:


New from November 2023:

For skilled workers with a university degree, the opportunities for immigration to Germany will expand, in particular through the EU Blue Card. This includes a lowering of the salary thresholds, an expansion of the group of eligible persons, an extension of the occupational list and the simplification of family reunification. In addition, IT specialists have the possibility to obtain the EU Blue Card without a university degree, provided they have the relevant professional experience.


In future, skilled workers with vocational training or academic qualifications will be entitled to a residence permit, provided that the requirements are met. Furthermore, skilled workers with a qualified vocational qualification or a university degree will be allowed to pursue qualified activities in the non-regulated sector. Here, no direct link between training and employment is required. In addition, the employment of professional drivers will be facilitated.


New from March 2024:

The possibility will be created to enter Germany for professional recognition and to stay for up to three years if you participate in adaptation qualifications or compensatory measures. In the meantime, you can also pursue a secondary occupation of up to 20 hours a week.

With the new recognition partnership, you can carry out the entire recognition procedure in Germany before entering the country. You undertake to apply for recognition after entry and to actively pursue the procedure. The stay is initially possible for one year and can be extended to up to three years. In addition, entry for up to six months is possible if the competent body proposes a qualification analysis in the recognition procedure.


New from June 2024:

Persons from third countries have the possibility to enter Germany with an opportunity card to look for a job. The recognition of professional qualifications can play a role here. Skilled workers with full recognition will receive the opportunity card without further requirements. All others must provide proof of a qualified vocational or university degree recognised in the country of training. Alternatively, a qualification from a German Chamber of Commerce abroad is possible under certain conditions. Language skills (German at level A1 CEFR or English at level B2 CEFR) and at least 6 points according to a point system are required.


Further changes concern the labour market access of care assistants, the settlement permit for foreign skilled workers, facilitation of family reunification and the employment of students and trainees.

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