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Germany has opened its doors with the new law for foreign workers (03/2023)

Germany has decided to open its doors to foreign workers until the year 2030 in order to meet the demand for qualified labor. In this context, as a company named The Golden, we offer thousands of people in Turkey the opportunity to start a new career in Germany. Through our services and the new law for foreign workers, we enable job seekers to easily migrate to Germany.

The Golden provides professional services and connects employers with job seekers to meet the demand for qualified labor. For those who wish to migrate from Turkey to Germany, the following opportunities are available:

  1. Employment Contract or Training: Individuals with a vocational qualification or a desire for professional training can obtain a visa and work permit if they find a suitable job offer or training position.

  2. Certificates and Two Years of Work Experience: Certificates obtained in Turkey and at least two years of work experience facilitate obtaining a migration permit.

  3. Recognition of Diplomas: Recognition of diplomas will no longer be required. Education acquired in the home country will be accepted.

  4. Job Offer Evaluation System: A point-based system will be applied, where German and English language skills, professional experience, and connections to Germany play an important role.

  5. At Least 20 Hours Per Week: Job seekers can, if desired, be employed for a trial period of up to 20 hours per week.

  6. Collective Agreements and Social Security: Approved workers can become members of trade unions, conclude collective agreements, and contribute to social security.

  7. Age Limits: Individuals over the age of 45 will have their pension entitlements in their home country taken into account. Longer contribution payments will be considered a plus point.

Germany's goal to open its doors wide to foreign workers is of great advantage for our company, The Golden. We offer Turkish job seekers the opportunity to start a new career in Germany and support German employers in finding qualified workers that meet their needs.

With our customer-oriented and success-focused approach, we will continue to operate as a growing and evolving company. Through this new law for foreign workers, we will continue to contribute to the realization of job seekers' dreams and the fulfillment of German employers' requirements.

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