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We Offer Employers and Candidates a New Generation Human Resources Experience with Innovation! We Make Processes More Efficient, Fast and User-Friendly by Using Technology Effectively.

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Send us your CV, we will add your CV to the pool and you can start your journey with the recruitment and visa process

  • Take the first step to realize your dreams and apply for membership for 319 € by sending your CV.
  • Let your CV be carefully evaluated by the professional team and get privileges as a member.

  • Your CV will be added to the pool and shared with employers and they will notice you.
  • Demonstrate your skills by getting invited for interviews and prove your potential by interacting with employers.

  • Once you have a job offer, move on to the visa process and prepare for an exciting new beginning.
  • Complete your visa application, prepare the necessary documents and get approvals to complete the visa process.

  • Discuss the details with the employer, set a start date and step into a new life in Germany.
  • Get ready for an exciting change by finalizing your settlement, accommodation and other preparations.

The Golden

At The Golden, we are here to make your dreams come true.
Send us your CV to be added to our Network-Pool and let's start your journey together through the recruitment and visa process.


The Golden
brings positive change

It is not only limited to counseling but also creates a collective team based on team unity and cooperation because we care about your development.

To apply, you can easily upload your CV on our website or you can have your CV professionally recreated. It may also be useful to provide information about the positions you are interested in. As we have agreements with many companies, we handle the applications for you. We will keep you up to date with the latest applications and developments, which will save you a lot of time.

The visa process starts after you are hired. With the support of your employer and our experts, you will receive guidance on how your visa application will work and the required documents. The visa application includes preparing the necessary documents, filling out the application forms and paying the required fees. The visa process is completed by following the process and obtaining the necessary approvals.

First of all, we would like to explain this to you. After arranging an interview for you, if you get the job, we provide you with an employment contract. This means you don't need to go through a regular visa application process.
Our candidates hardly have any visa issues, so you can contact us with peace of mind.

Working conditions and salaries may vary between employers and positions. Our company works closely with employers to provide working conditions and competitive salaries in line with the expectations of the candidates. For detailed information, we recommend that you contact our officials.

As The Golden, we provide support to candidates who want to take their career one step further and find a new job opportunity abroad. By sending us your CV, you can become a member of our job search pool and participate in a comprehensive evaluation process. In addition, your membership includes consultancy services on equivalency requirements for working abroad and we carry out your applications with the assurance of The Golden brand.

We charge only 319,-€ for the site membership fee.

We collect the service fee after you have found your job and settled into your new life. We support you in the adaptation process and give you time to design your future. Our aim is to be there for you, to help you and help you realize your goals.

Employers usually pay attention to the language skills and qualifications required for the position. English is often the most demanded language. Employers' demands vary depending on the sector, the position and local requirements. In Germany, German language skills are important, while large companies prefer English as a company language.

Our company acts as a bridge between employers and candidates when it comes to living and working abroad. The support provided by employers to candidates includes the follow-up of visa applications, accommodation arrangements, facilitation of the settlement process and information about local life. Candidates are also provided with the necessary guidance and counselling to help them adapt in the new country. For more information, visit the Living in Germany page.

When we find a job for you within the membership, you can travel to Germany with your visa and apply for family reunification at the municipality to bring your family with you.

The Golden

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As The Golden team, we are happy to communicate with you and answer your questions. You can contact us without being a member and get information about the topics you are curious about. Our professional consultants are here to help you and offer solutions for your needs. We will get back to you as soon as possible and work to find the best solution for you.

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